About Efe Nation

Efe Nation is a movement, a group of committed loyalist that sprung organically dating from January 22nd , 2017 on the commencement of the Big Brother Naija 2017 tv reality show. This group came forward to solidly support Efe while in the house.        The name Efe Nation was coined from his name Efe. Efe as a person appealed to the hearts and minds of this group of people and they willingly, gladly and proudly chose to be identified as a nation forcefully in support of Efe. Over time, the movement spread across the country and and in diaspora represented in Chapters. Each location per country, per state was represented as a chapter of that place. During the show, this nation, committed their energy, time, resources, and coordinated themselves centrally by key heads who oversaw the activities of the campaign. This dedication and commitment led to Efe emerging as the final prize winner of N25m and a brand new SUV with a landslide victory amounting to 57.7% of total votes. After the show, Efe Nation became an even stronger force to reckon with, as they have showed continued and unrelenting support to their President Efe Ejeba, who has been soaring higher and higher.This led nation is ably led by Efe whose mantra is;To Believe in God, to believe in oneself, and to be determined “Die Put”.

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